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Food and functional pottery are naturally complementary to one another. The former being such a temporary creation which offers a quick reward, while in contrast, the latter appears rather permanent and requires much patience for the end results. The contrast of a fleeting soufflé fresh from the oven in a lasting ceramic dish, or enjoying a slice of your grandmother’s timeless apple pie on a freshly made plate evokes feelings of a simultaneous connection to creative people of the past, present, and future. The symbiotic relationship between food and pottery is rooted in the relationships we nurture. In my life, the most meaningful connections I’ve had with friends and family involve a great deal of food. Whether its food on handmade pottery or food on a paper napkin, I love capturing these beautiful creations that inspire us to come together. The following are photos I have taken, of food cooked by my mother. For more photos follow me on instagram For recipes see the food blog page above.

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