Science VS

Science VS. is a fantastic show hosted by the hilarious and brilliant Wendy Zukerman. This show takes on commonly held ideas and opinions and finds the truth behind our often mislead socially constructed beliefs. They tackle lots of extremely controversial topics such as attachment parenting, vaccinations, gun control, and fracking. The show is very well produced and super entertaining. I love learning facts between laughs to Zukerman's clever puns, plus her Australian accent is awesome.

The Show About Science

Show About Science: Amazingly smart and talented 6 year old Nate Butkus hosts this awesome podcast about different science related topics. He interviews people he's interested in and asks the BEST questions! I first learned about this podcast from an episode of Sampler and immidiatley had to subscribe and listen to all of his episodes. As you will learn from listening, he is not reading from a script that his parents wrote, because he can't even read yet! Nate is so endearing and inspiring. Everyone who likes kids, and or likes science should hear this podcast.