6 Adult Pottery Classes on the Wheel


6 Adult Pottery Classes on the Wheel


This 6 pack of pottery classes may be used by one person or shared among as many as 6 adults. These wheel classes are focused on wheel throwing techniques and form. The purpose of these classes is to learn the techniques and advantages to using the wheel. First time wheel students will receive lots of one on one instruction and attention and you are guaranteed at least one finished piece. Glazing of any wheel thrown work is not addressed in this class. It is not required for students to keep their work or come back to glaze their work. Wheel students have the option to come back for a second separate class on glazing, or pay a glaze fee to have the work glazed by one of our potters. Clay and the first firing of the work is included in the price of a wheel class.

A 6 pack must be used within 6 months of purchase but can be used as needed within those 6 months by the student or students. These classes may also be used for glazing your work. Please notify us when you plan to attend classes so we can be sure to save you a space.

See our updated class schedule here and contact us for availability. Space is limited so please reserve your spot asap. We have a 48hr cancellation policy. We can refund your entire class fee with 48hrs or more notice, otherwise will will not have time to fill your reserved space. If you wish to reschedule your booking less that 48hrs in advance a $20 rescheduling fee is applied. Thank you for understanding that we are a small business and can not afford to lose $ on rescheduling issues.

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Please understand that due to the two firing process of ceramics, that making your form out of clay and glazing of your work must be done in separate sessions and are taught in separate classes. Please allow at least 2 weeks for your piece to dry and be fired before returning to glaze it. If you can’t return to glaze your work we offer glazing services and shipping. (See more info below) We do not charge extra for firing and materials! Clay, glaze, and firings are included in the price of the class.

Learn more about the process here

Adult classes: You can pay for a single class or purchase a stamp card of 4, 6 or 10 classes. Stamp cards may be used for specific classes, open studio time, workshops or private lessons.

  • Single class – $35
  • 4 class stamp card -$100 ($25 per class saves you $40)
  • 6 class stamp card -$144 ($24 per class saves you $70)
  • 10 class stamp card -$230 ($23 per class saves you $120)

Kids Classes:

  • Single class -$25
  • 4 class stamp card- $80 ($20 per class, saves you $20)
  • 6 class stamp card- $114 ($19 per class saves you $36)
  • 10 class stamp card- $180 ($18 per class saves you $70)

Stamp cards and gift certificates are available at our studio and over the phone. Please contact us here for more information.